Our $150 Early Bird Ticket includes a Cocktail Reception, Business Networking and Conference. Raffle Tickets will be available to win gift cards from up-scale restaurants, up-scale apparel stores and Fresh Market gift baskquets. A silent auction to further assist in fundraising efforts for the cause will be on site with various items on display from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Tampa Bay Lightning and others.


Ticket $200 after 7/15/2022.


Help end AIR pollution and plant 8 billion trees worldwide with a $150 early bird tax-deductible donation ticket.  For Sponsorship information, email Alicia.V@GlobalEcoArmy.Com


Thanks to our Global Eco Air Force generous sponsors we are able to make this experience affordable to most.


The conference is our way to thank mother nature for her kindness to all. Therefore, the best way to show our appreciation is by protecting our mother land from air pollution and pioneering reforestation efforts with tree seed bombs via our Global Eco Air Force Air Planes retroffited to carry on the mission. We will also have another Air Plane that will stop the fires before they get out of hand as we had witnessed in many parts of the World in the past such as in California, USA, Brazil and Australia.


You will also have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets and win many other surprises not mentioned above.


You will have the opportunity to meet with top eco-friendly brands doing their fare share for the environment, our future Eco Airmen and Airwomen will strive for a greener and healthier Planet for all!


Who should attend?


• If you want to join 7 billion other people make a collective impact in the World in one day, this is the place to be. We master at turning our Planet around and reversing water, air and soil pollution Worldwide in the fastest and most effective way possible.


• If you would like to help us be the match maker of high-end products, technologies, services AND funds that scaled up can change the World, come on over and join us. Multi-Million and Multi-Billion Dollar Technologies are waiting to be matched with the right companies to help SAVE THE WORLD. The right technologies with the right funds needed for deployment become soulmates giving birth to a cleaner, greener and polluted free PLANET for all.


• If you want to meet likeminded individuals and exchange eco-friendly business ideas or hobbies, you will be at the right place.


• If you have an eco-friendly business and would love to showcase your product or service to the World, let us help you. It is our passion to be the matchmaker of eco-friendly companies and eco-friendly customers.


• If you are a couple and want to meet other couples that want to provide a greener future to their family, you will be able to interact and foster relationships with people in the community with similar values as you.


• If you are part of the Local, State or, Federal Government and would like to showcase Environmentally Friendly practices taken by your City and State to help SAVE the Environment by Land, Air and Sea, we would love to have the honor and privilege to showcase your initiatives to the World for others to follow your great example.


• If you are single and want to meet your eco-friendly soulmate, he or she will be here.


The entire World is our guest, Global Eco Army is the most